Many of these apps have free or trial versions. Where applicable I have linked to the Free/Lite version. If you like the app and choose to upgrade using a separate download, or in-app purchases, report your experience as a comment below.


LoveChinese 小宝宝学中文 [Baby Learn Chinese] (Android, iPad, iPhone)
Click on the appropriate picture based on audio, pinyin, or simplified character and earn stickers to place on a screen. Good for younger children. Android, iTunes

MerlionWords (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
Audio-visual character matching with some writing practice. iTunes (iPhone, iPad)
Several apps with a variety of kid’s beginner Chinese games. Search app store for “”

Abitalk Chinese Balloons Lite (iPhone, iPad)
“A fun activity for children or adults to learn to recognize Chinese characters. Just listen as each word is pronounced, and touch the balloon with the matching Chinese character. If you are right, the balloon will pop. You can watch your score improve as you learn.” iTunes

Fun Chinese Learning Game (Android, iPhone, iPad)
Includes a series of 5-6 games around a theme (eg. colors). First lesson is free, others available with in-app purchases. Good for younger children. Download

Chinese Artword [Learn Chinese (Mandarin) the Fun Way] (Android, iPad, iPhone)
Multi-functional app includes definition of characters, writing strokes and sequence, audio pinyin, history of characters, drawing board, and many others. Best for older learners. Download

Child Play Chinese 2 (Android, iPad, iPhone)
“The 8 games include text to picture matching, picture to text matching, voice to text matching and voice to picture matching. You can play the first 4 games, for picture to text and text to picture matching, for free. Purchase the extra 4 levels can enhance the ability to speak Chinese more.” Android, iTunes

Doodle Chinese (iPad, iPhone)
“Doodle Chinese gradually builds up your Chinese skills from simple words to scenario conversations. Self paced practices and quizzes help you remember what you just learned. Cute hand-drawn cartoons accompany all phrases and conversations, making it a fun and immersive experience to master the language.” iTunes

Mandarin Madness (Android, iPad, iPhone)
Master vocabulary through arcade-style games. Download


DragonDian (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
“DragonDian is a living, breathing dictionary with new, up-to-date words constantly being added. It is the Ultimate Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary designed specifically for the iPhone/iTouch, as you can use your touch screen to draw characters with your finger and easily search.” Download 

Pleco Chinese Dictionary (Android, iPad, iPhone)
“Pleco is the ultimate Chinese learning companion – an integrated Chinese English dictionary / document reader / flashcard system with fullscreen handwriting input and live camera-based character lookups, from a company with 14 years’ experience making mobile Chinese learning software.” Some features only available with the full paid version. Very powerful app. Download


Pinyin Trainer (Android, iPad, iPhone)
Pinyin and tone trainer game with audio pronunciation and user-selected correct pinyin. Includes guide to pinyin with interactive pinyin sounds. Android,  iTunes

Pinyin Teacher (iPad, iPhone)
Pick initial and final parts of pinyin and hear audio pronunciation. iTunes

Writing Characters

iLearn Chinese Characters Lite (iPad, iPhone)
Writing practice, character to pinyin quiz, historical information about development of characters. iTunes

Chinese Writer (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod)
“Characters fall from the top of the screen – you have to tap them and draw them correctly to score points. Just don’t let them reach the bottom, or – kaboom! Let five of them drop and the game is finished! But the learning continues; you can review everything that you saw, complete with stroke order diagrams and testing at your own pace. Characters you made the most mistakes on are highlighted at the top of the list.” Download

Word Tracer – Learn Chinese (iPad)
Trace the Chinese character in both practice and test modes. iTunes

This is a living document–please help keep it current!

Links may break and versions can quickly become outdated. If you encounter any broken or outdated links please leave a comment below.

Find a different app you love? Leave a comment below!


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