MIP Resources

Mandarin is the fastest growing immersion language in the country. Here are some sites from other programs.

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council
Features a blog with latest immersion news stories, list of immersion programs in the country, and links to where you can buy¬†A Parent’s Guide to Mandarin Immersion by Elizabeth Weisse (highly recommended).

CLIPCO Cupertino Mandarin Immersion Program. Cupertino, Calif.

Dragon Sprouts: Broadway Elementary School, Venice, Calif.

Friends of Mandarin Scholars, San Mateo/Foster city School District

JinShan Mandarin Education Council: Mandarin parents of San Francisco

Potomac Elementary School, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

QuanRen Mandarin immersion parents of Vancouver, Washington

ShuRen Mandarin immersion parents of Portland, Oregon

Utah Mandarin Immersion Parent Council